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Get Paid To Drive


There are scores of companies who want to get their name brand advertising out on the street. If you are willing to be their accomplice, you can actually get paid to drive. Or, the company will give you a brand new car wrapped with their advertisement; you only have to pay for insurance and gas-no more maintenance or car payments!

A Brand New Car That I Get Paid To Drive? What's The Catch?

The only condition of the deal where you get paid to drive is that the car that you get paid to drive, whether it is your own or a brand new car given to you by the company, is that a certain percentage of the car must be covered with an advertisement. The size of the advertisement is proportional to the payment that you will receive. Furthermore, since you are going to get paid to drive the car, you must log a certain number of miles every month on the car.

To Get Paid To Drive Do I Have To Drive Far?

The company that is hiring you will ask how much you normally drive in a month, and will then work out a contract based on you maintaining that amount of driving.

What If I Don't Want To Cover My Car In An Adversitment?

You can always ask that the company provide you with a brand new car instead of using your own. However, when you get paid to drive you can choose how large you want the advertisement to be. How much you are paid to drive the car is then proportional to the size of the advertisement. The advertisements are magnetic, so the finish of your car will not be affected by the advertisement.

How Much Will I Get Paid To Drive?

That depends on a few things: how big of an advertisement you want, whether you are willing to drive a specifically designed high-profile routes, and where you live. However, on average people can earn up to $500 per month.

Where can I find opportunities to get paid to drive?

There are a few different companies that are set up to help you find and fill out applications to get paid to drive. Listed below are a few to check out; they will tell you even more about how to get paid to drive.

Freecardirectory.net is a site that helps you find the applications that are the first step in a side career where, amazingly, you actually get paid to drive to the grocery store. This site gives you advice for filling out the applications, and maintains a detailed directory of the companies looking for drivers. The charge for this site is a one-time fee of $29.95

Freecarsource.com barely undercuts their competitor with a one-time fee of $29.50. This site prides itself on customer service that will help you find a gig where you get paid to drive, or where you can get a brand new car for free.

Thefreecar.com also charges a one-time fee of $29.50 for access to their database of companies that are looking for people who either want a free new car, or who want to get paid to drive their own car. This site also has an easy-to-use interface.

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