The Different Types of Finance Jobs

If you are interested in pursuing a finance degree or professional qualification in finance, one thing you may noticed is that the breadth of career options available for the finance professional are numerous and cover both the public and private sector. Even though the underlying qualifications are... [More]

Where to find Finance Jobs

If you are just out of school and looking into getting your first finance job, you might wonder where you should look for jobs in this field.   First, unlike most other industries, which openings are now mostly featured online, you can still find finance jobs in print classifieds and, you p... [More]

Finance Job Interview Tips

Ok, so thanks to some good finance resume writing, the interview is set up and you are on your way to getting a great job in the Finance world.  This is what you have worked so hard for you in your education and your career to date so the time is now to make a great impression.  There are ... [More]

Finance Job Search Tips

Ok, so you have finished your education and have graduated with a degree in a finance or business.  Entering the working world in such positions will be very challenging.  You should get yourself ready to find an occupation that you will enjoy for the rest of your career.You need to figure... [More]

Finance Resume Writing Tips

When writing a Finance resume, you should focus on your certifications, skills, achievements, rather than giving a passive list of your previous duties.   Expertise and certifications should be emphasized more in a Finance resume as this is one of the fields where qualifications/certification... [More]

Finance Hiring to increase next year

According to analysts, the finance job market is currently close to hitting bottom, which means that finance job losses should start shrinking pretty soon.  While government policies might still affect the situation one way or another, analysts anticipate a growth in the finance field in 2010. ... [More]