Disadvantages of Federal jobs

  • There are often no routes to advancement in government. Most of the time you will stay right where you started your government employment, unless you can get an education.


  • Government jobs tend to suck people in. You might plan on only being there for about a year, but you may find that you're there for ten to fifteen years. There's nothing wrong with this; government jobs can be very comfortable and they can provide steady income, but if you were shooting a bit higher, you are going to be disappointed.


  • Government jobs have a steady paycheck, but you will not get rich. For this reason it would be best to view any government job as temporary unless you are planning to become a senator or even president. It is important to keep your goals in mind, and move on when it's time.

As you can see, government jobs do have many benefits for you to take into account, but before you rush into one you will need to make sure that it is truly for you. There are downsides, and there are major pitfalls that you could become trapped in. That being said, investigate these jobs, and ensure that you are making the right decision before you find yourself in a position that you regret. Also, if you decide to go for one of these positions, make sure to study closely the Federal application process and have a flawless Federal resume.


Gail Esparan