How to write an engineering cover letter

When preparing an engineering cover letter, it is essential to keep in mind that you do not have to come up with anything extraordinary, as it is best to follow an outline that is similar to a traditional cover letter. Too many people try to do something special with their cover letter and they end up completely ruining things making it incomprehensible. Simply follow the basic format of a cover letter and you shouldn’t have any problem conveying the right message to the employer.

First, you will want to start the letter off by including your name and contact information. This is the most important part of the cover letter because the employer should not have to guess who you are. It might even be wise\a good idea to use a slightly bigger font for your name and contact information, just to make it more evident for the employers. If the reader cannot find out how to contact you within a few seconds, he or she will move on very quickly and your chance of getting the job will disappear immediately.

When you start preparing your engineering cover letter, begin with your education and work experience in this field. Be sure that you keep your work experience information relevant, as the reader won’t care if you flipping burgers when you were 16-years old. Be as thorough as possible about your previous experience and include any related projects that you might have worked on in the past. In addition, be sure that you include the school where you got your degree and perhaps a little bit of information about the school. Do not overdo it, however, as this letter is meant to be about you, not about past companies or schools.

You can finish up your engineering resume cover letter by thanking the employer for his or her time and making him/her read your resume. Unless you know who will be reading it, be vague when addressing the reader. If you currently have a job and you are away from the phone for most of the day, make sure to include a time and day when you are available, as you would not want this interfering with your current job.

If you are having a hard time preparing your cover letter, there are engineer resume services. There are also sample cover letters that you can use as a guide, but make sure to make it personal. If you give yourself time to think carefully about the right things to say and then put them on paper, your cover letter should be a great complement to your resume and might help you get a foot in the door.


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