How to Write a Mechanical Engineering Resume

If you are looking for a job, creating a resume can be one of the most basic things that you can do to help you find one. Even if you are applying for a simple position for a simple career, a resume can greatly benefit you. So, of course creating a resume can be the ticket to success for some seeking a career in mechanical engineering.

A resume is there to help your employer get a sense of your past work history and your qualifications, so it should be both simple and effective. Almost any type of engineering career (mechanical, computer, electrical, etc.) should follow the same resume concept, which should work for new or older workers.
You should begin your resume with a heading that includes your personal contact information. This should include you name, address, email address, and the best telephone number to reach you.

Since most resumes are viewed on computer screens today, make sure that your resume is in a widely used format to make sure that the employer won't have any troubles accessing it.

Next, you should clearly state your exact objective. Your object should be the position you are seeking and the goals that you want to make in that position for future success.

Your objective should be followed by your qualifications. Be sure to incorporate any achievements that you have made that are germane to the position that you are seeking.

Your education history should immediately follow your qualifications. To become a mechanical engineer, you need to have a degree from an accredited school, so you should make sure that you list the exact schools you attended and the exact degrees and honors you received.

If you have a work history, be sure to explain it clearly, naming any previous positions that you have held that are relevant to the mechanical engineering career you are seeking now. If applicable, employers normally expect to see a work history for the last ten years.

A good resume is incomplete without references. Make sure that you notify on your resume what you references are and how they can be reached. Make sue that you only include references that are going to be accessible and reliable. Also, make sure to let your references know that you are using them so that they are not caught off guard.

Most engineers are very detail-oriented people. So, you should make that your resume is very concise, with no mistakes that your mechanical engineering employer will most likely catch. You can make a very bad first impression with any spelling, grammatical, or other errors that could infringe on your chances of getting the mechanical engineering position that you want. Even the simplest errors on a mechanical engineering resume can reflect a bad future work performance.

To be sure that you resume is error free, try to edit and review it a few times to yourself. Then, if you can, have someone who you know will criticize it review over it. Then, once you feel that it is ready, submit it to the person who is responsible for hiring you.

A mechanical engineering resume should not exceed one page in length. So, make sure that you are including as much pertinent information as possible that can fit into one page, without leaving anything out.


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