How to Find an Engineering Internship

You’re close to becoming an engineer, but you could add some skills to your engineering resume. You could use some real world experience. All you need to do is know where to look for an engineering internship. These steps could lead you to your own path of success. You may even end up with an engineering job!

First, you should write a resume that relates to the engineering degree or job you’re seeking. You should include any work experience, community involvement, and interests related to your chosen career. It’s always best to look for internships early. Starting early in the summer or before December will give you a chance to make contact with companies and submit your resume.

Next, you should join associations and societies. Most of these organizations offer valuable resources and student rates. Don’t be afraid to attend the networking functions that are offered by these associations and societies. They will help you in building professional relationships that may lead to many engineering internship opportunities. You can even find more ways to network on the Internet. Check out the various engineering organizations and societies. You can even search on social networking websites such as Twitter and Facebook. There are plenty of ways for you to network. Try every possibility that’s out there. 

Also, register with your college or university’s career placement office. Many companies will hire engineering interns through university placement and on-campus interviews. Attend your college’s career fairs as well. You want to let the potential recruiters know that you’re interested in a summer internship.

Remember to never give up! Having real world experience will help you stand out from all the other students. It shows how serious you are about your career. You’re not just seeking to get a degree out of your education. Just keep doing what you’re doing and you will be fine. The right engineering internship will fall into your hands. There are also some tips to consider when having an interview for an internship. You want to remove all body piercings beforehand. Not only will they clash with your new suit, but they’ll clash with the company’s policies. Be prepared to answer questions on your field. You can brush up on terminology just by studying your text books. Be sure to do a little research on the companies before they are interviewing you. They’ll be impressed by how much you know about them. Lastly, you should write a thank you to each interviewer three days after your interview. It will leave a lasting impression with them and will be a huge factor in hiring you for the internship.


Gail Esparan