Military Engineering 101

Military engineers not only design but construct the logistical as well as the combative structures during times of war. It may even mean that at times military engineers will have to destroy some of the same structures that they helped to create. During battle, these professionals may have the job ... [More]

How to Become A Sound Engineer

It's not hard to find somebody who wants to be a rock star. So many of us dreamed as kids of being on stage and having thousands of fans cheering for us like the musicians we love. It's less common to find a kid who dreams of becoming a recording engineer, yet it's often the engineers who play the b... [More]

How to Find an Engineering Internship

You’re close to becoming an engineer, but you could add some skills to your engineering resume. You could use some real world experience. All you need to do is know where to look for an engineering internship. These steps could lead you to your own path of success. You may even end up with an ... [More]

How to Find a Mechanical Engineering Job

Finding the right job in this economy can be tough. With a little patience and know-how, you can find the right career for you. Chances are you're looking for a mechanical engineering job. This article will give you the steps you need in finding the right one. With a little help and research, you wi... [More]

An Introduction to Engineering

Do you like to solve problems and work with people? Are you good at math, and do you have well developed analytical skills? If so, a career as an engineer might be for you.  What do engineers do?  Engineers basically provide a bridge between the design of something and the implementation... [More]

How to Find Aerospace Engineering jobs

There are several ways to find aerospace engineer jobs. First, you can obviously check employment job boards, whether they are big employment boards or job sites specialized in engineering. Another way is to check openings at big names in the industry - for example check out regularly the online car... [More]