Putting In A Education Resume: Do Not Include A Photo As It Can Be Used Against You

Putting in a education resume isn't any difference from putting in any other type of resume, it is going to require due diligence and careful attention to detail and the highlighting of personal skills and character traits you possess. Your character traits in some instances may be more valuable than other things seeing as how you will be dealing with kids in most cases. But putting in an education resume should not include doing a few of these crucial things that some people tend to do. The use of a personal photo for example on a resume is totally inappropriate in this day and age and you should not include one. Sometimes in eager applicant will include a photo thinking that their appearance is going to be key to landing a teaching job, but in most cases it will only make your teaching resume seem amateurish.


Unless you are applying for a position as a model or a typecast actor than a picture will not mean much when it comes to putting in a teacher resume. Only if the employer asked for a personal portrait should you even consider including one, and even then it may be a good idea not to. Personal biases can indeed be used against you and maybe if the employer doesn't like something about you they can decide to use this one reason to not give you an interview. Even though it may seem unfair it does happen and it happens all the time, which is why it is best to do all you can do to get an interview and not do things that will prevent you from getting one.


Employers are not concerned with what you look like, only that you possess the necessary skills to do the job. Granted there are certain guidelines for how you must carry yourself and the level of personal grooming you must maintain in a professional teaching environment. But for the most part skills will be more important. The skills you possess both personal and educational wise will be what is used to evaluate whether or not you are the right person for that teaching job. As long as you are able to do this on your teaching resume you do not need to worry about arbitrary things that do not matter.


A personal photo can also hurt your chances of getting the job as mentioned before because of personal biases that can sometimes be used against you before the person in charge of hiring ever gets the chance to look at your resume. They may determine off of your picture alone that you would not be the right person for the teaching job. You never want this to happen, and by taking care to highlight your skills and let those do the selling for you then you should have nothing to worry about.


Gail Esparan