How to Write an Effective Education Resume

In most areas of the country, the field of teaching is competitive. There are many good teachers waiting for a job to become available for them. Often, the only thing separating you from another candidate for a teaching job is your resume. Creating a professional education resume greatly increases your chances of advancing to the interview stage of applying for a job. Because not all resumes are suitable for every profession, it is important to keep some key factors in mind when writing a resume for a teaching job.

Create a Professional Appearance

Remember that although you may be applying for a job teaching kindergarten or a primary grade level, your resume should appear professional. Do not type it on a brightly colored, cute design paper. In addition, use standard professional fonts. Font should not be larger than 12 point unless being used for headings. Neutral resume paper is best for printing. Remember that your audience is a professional administrator not a five year old.


Highlight Your Teaching


If you have not held a teaching position before, then you may feel that you have no experience to highlight. However, gaining a teacher education requires many hours of practicum and internship in the classroom. Discuss the grade levels at which you worked during college and the impact that you had while serving your time. You can also add in any teaching that you have completed at church, vacation Bible school, community service, and tutoring jobs.

Look for Opportunities o Add to Your Resume

If your job search does not prove to be  successful from the beginning, continually be on the lookout to add more to it. This can be done by taking jobs at childcare centers, YMCA locations, and tutoring companies. Attend any education related workshops that you can. All of these experiences will enhance your ability section of the resume.

Include a Teaching Philosophy and Goal Section

Within your teacher resume, there should be a section that describes your philosophy of teaching and your goals for the future of the children. Discuss your classroom management abilities, your beliefs in educating all children in a fair manner, and other qualities that you possess.

Display Knowledge in Educational Concepts

If a new wave of educational concept is reaching the schools, include any knowledge that you have in the area. Discuss your experience and learning about the concept from your college courses. These concepts may include testing, teaching styles, or new curriculum developments. The more knowledge that you display in new and upcoming educational movements, the more impressive your resume will appear.

Most educational administrators and directors see hundreds of resumes pass through their hands. It is important to make your resume sell yourself and enhance all of the skills that will make you an excellent teacher and contributor to the school.


Gail Esparan