3 Additional Education Job Interview Questions And Answers

Q. Describe the process you would use to deal with a student who is disrupting the class.
A. No matter what level of teaching you are at, if you are teaching kids in a classroom setting you will most likely come across a problematic students from time to time. If you are dealing with small children but chances are even higher. Explain to the interviewer what your process is what dealing with problematic students. You want to make sure it is a sound one and that it complies with the rules of the school.

Q. Describe the part of your portfolio that best indicate your teaching style and beliefs.
A. If you plan on getting a job in education, then it is imperative for you to have a teaching style. But teaching style you decide to use may impact your ability to get through to the students the appropriate way. Your beliefs may also play a small role, which is why it is important for them to be identified before you begin a teaching job. Describe to the interviewer at this point what your style is, and they should be able to see whether or not it will be effective.

Q. What provisions do you have for meeting the range of skills and techniques commonly present in a classroom?
A. You will want to use this opportunity to explain to the interviewer what new and innovative techniques you will bring to the classroom in order to help improve the way the kids learn and process information (you might also wanna include this in your resume). Schools are always looking for better ways to help kids learn, because if they learn better they will score higher on standardized tests, thus for making the school look better. If these are skills you feel that you would bring to the table, then do not be afraid to tell them to the interviewer.


Gail Esparan