How to Write a Sports Resume

For many athletes, the importance of the sports resume cannot be overemphasized in landing their dream jobs in the sports industry or in gaining admittance to the college of their choice.  Keep in mind that many of these dream jobs pay in the millions per year in addition to being very generous with the perks.  Think along the lines of athletes and coaches for professional sports leagues and you get the idea.

To write an effective sports resume, you must start with the contents.  After all, your application is only as good as its contents, which must impress from the first get-go.  You should include a letter of introduction that provides the summary about yourself - relevant athletic history, game statistics and college goals.  Keep it short, simple and sweet because the hiring manager has no time to read through all your achievements from your elementary years.

Then you should create a more detailed athletic profile.  Again, keep this profile to just one page but let it pop by highlighting your most important sports achievements like being made captain during your second year with the team, the youngest MVP in your league and other relevant awards.

Your academic information must be included in your resume.  Coaches, managers and scouts are looking for the total package of the consummate athlete and the good student.  If you can give that impression, the better chances that your application will be noticed.  Plus, it never hurts to be a top student in college when you have to stop your professional sports career for any reason.

You must also provide a reference section containing at least three persons that the coach, manager or scout can contact.  Just make sure that these reference persons know of their inclusion in your application.

If you have games coming up, these must also be included.  This way, you can be seen in action.  Do try to play just like you would at any time - the professional eye of the coach will know if you are forcing it.

When writing the contents of your application letter and resume, you have to keep in mind certain things.  First, be clear and concise with the details.  You want to impress the hiring person in a few seconds, not waste his time with lengthy paragraphs.

You should edit and re-edit the contents to near-perfection.  If you commit errors in the employment application, these can be taken against your favor because attention to details is an important part of winning in sports.

To grab the attention of the hiring professional, order your achievements from the most important to the least important in bullet points.  You can provide details of these achievements later on during the interviews.

It is also very important to update your resume.  As you rack up more achievements, look at how these can fit into your old resume and then make the appropriate changes.  Soon, your resume and application letter will grab the attention of the people who matter the most in your professional sports life.  And that dream slot will be yours!


Gail Esparan