How to write a kindergarten teacher resume

A resume is probably the most important self marketing tool that any person looking for a job has.  It outlines your experience, skills and education that qualify you for the job. Since it this document is bound to be your first contact with a potential employer, your resume is what can make or break your chances of landing a job. That being the case, the techniques and methods used in writing a kindergarten teacher resume will often vary depending on the particular career in question.  If you are applying for a kindergarten teacher position, the following are the key points you need to pay attention to.

Contact information
This is similar to virtually any other resume one might do. It should contain your full name, address, phone number and email address. You may include additional contact information if you deem it necessary or if it was implied by the job advert. Otherwise, keeping this section brief and straight to the point is the best approach.

Teaching experience
Also similar to any other resume, you should list your teaching experience starting with the most recent and work backwards in chronological order. If you are a new teacher you can list any teaching experiences you had as part of your qualifying as a kindergarten teacher. A new teacher can also list other work experience as well as incorporate additional information along the following lines:

  • Any experience you have had in supervising and developing kindergarten children.
  • Give details of how you have personally improved a child's abilities on a one to one basis within or without a classroom setting.
  • Classroom management strategies that you use or intend to make use of when teaching.
  • Any experience you have had with students with special needs.

Educational and Professional Certification
List your educational and professional qualification chronologically starting with the most recent.

Your achievements may include any new successful teaching method you may have devised. This does not have to be a completely original method. But having even a standard method that you have tweaked a little to suit your own kindergarten pupil's setting can be very impressive to any interviewer. Any awards you have received in your teaching career are also a powerful statement of your commitment and drive for excellence in the kindergarten teaching profession and should be added in this section.

List your skills and personal qualities
Finally, highlight the innate or inculcated skills that you possess that place you in good stead in teaching kindergarten pupils effectively. Examples include:

  • The ability to create a stimulating and happy learning environment for the children a conducive. The use of games as well as visual aids is an important aspect to highlight.
  • Your sensitivity to child safety in the kindergarten environment. This is both in terms of environmental safety as well as protection from persons' that harbour ill intent.
  • Mentioning your ability to reassure and respond to each child's individual needs.
  • Your ability to communicate and work closely with parents, other teachers and other child professionals such as paediatrics.

Overall, make good use of ‘power' words such as ‘pioneered' and ‘achieved' throughout your kindergarten teacher resume as these are always an overt and subliminal attraction for employers. Your key focus when writing a kindergarten teacher resume should always be the role you will play in the child's development.


Gail Esparan