How To Become a Kindergarten Teacher



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How to Become a Substitute Teacher

Becoming a substitute teacher has many positive factors. Substitute teachers have the opportunity to wok limited days in varying environments. They gain experience and reward from working with children.Each state is allowed to set different criteria for substitute teaching. The education, trainings,... [More]

How to Teach Students to Write a Resume

Writing a student resume isn't a very easy thing to do. It's like giving someone a pen and a piece of paper and telling them to list why they're so great. It's hard to write about yourself. So if you're teaching students to write a resume, you have to tell them to get that apprehension out of their ... [More]

How to Write a CV resume for Education Jobs

In the United States submitting an education resume for a position in an academic setting is no longer accepted.  Many institutions require a Curriculum Vitae (CV). A CV is a summary of your educational and academic background. The length can range from two to four pages.A CV should present a c... [More]

How to Write a Graduate Resume

You've finally graduated college. You put in your four years, or however long it took you, and you have that degree in your hand. Now comes the part where you leave college life behind and enter the real world of work. That means you need to find a job. It's important for all graduates to be able to... [More]

Teacher Job Search Tips

Having trouble finding a teacher job? Here are a few tips to help you:   Apply to private and public schools. Even though a private school might sound better, you should apply to public schools as well, as there is a shortage of positions and a lot of competition for private school position... [More]

Teacher Interview Tips

Whether you are fresh out of college and looking for your first teaching job or you are new to the area and interested in what jobs are available, you will find that it is time for you to look at how you are going to prepare for an interview. Getting an interview is an enormous step closer to gettin... [More]

How to Write an Effective Education Resume

In most areas of the country, the field of teaching is competitive. There are many good teachers waiting for a job to become available for them. Often, the only thing separating you from another candidate for a teaching job is your resume. Creating a professional education resume greatly increases y... [More]