How to Become a Substitute Teacher

Becoming a substitute teacher has many positive factors. Substitute teachers have the opportunity to wok limited days in varying environments. They gain experience and reward from working with children.

Each state is allowed to set different criteria for substitute teaching. The education, trainings, and pay may differ from state to state and even from county to county within the state. However, there are some general guidelines that typically apply to being a substitute.

Gain an Education

Substitute teachers do not have to hold a teaching degree unless they are taking over a classroom for a lengthy amount of time. Some states require that short term substitute teachers have an associate's degree or a certain number of college hours. At the least, all states require a high diploma for substituting in a classroom.

Become Certified

In addition to a type of formal education, being a substitute teacher also requires specialty training in dealing with children and managing the classroom (any training you have should be included in your substitute teacher resume as long as it's relevant). Some states ask that persons interested attend a training session while other states require substitute teachers to attend classes and pass an exam. The potential substitutes are educated in techniques to use with discipline and teaching all ages of children. They are offered advice and tips on how to handle particular situations.

Background Check

Substitute teachers will be required to agree for a background check to be conducted on their past. School systems look for previous criminal activity including any misconduct concerning minors. The fill-in teacher will also have to place a finger print record on file.

School Sign-up

Once all requirements have been met, substitute teachers are allowed to submit the schools and grade levels for which they wish to work. The teacher can list the days that he or she will be available. Some systems relay this information for the substitutes while others require that the substitutes contact each school individually.

Wait for the Call

Once the teachers and schools are aware that you are substitute, you simply must wait for a call to come to work. The call may be days or weeks in advance or the morning of the day your assistance is needed. You will have the option of taking the job for the day or declining it. The more often you are seen at a school, the more often you will be called. A good or bad reputation will soon form about your work among the teachers and the schools. Substitute teachers with a good status will be contacted often.

A good substitute teacher can turn the work into a full time job. The key to success is being accessible even on the last moment calls. It is important to conduct yourself in a professional mannerism are important. Even though you are a substitute teacher, professional dress and mannerism are Make certain that the children behave, the teacher's wishes are carried out, and the room is left neat and in order when the teacher returns. To qualify for substitute teaching, contact your system's board of education for guidelines.


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