Top 5 Cover Letter Tips

Cover letters can help those who are looking to hire decide between one potential worker and another if the majority of the other things about the two are equal. This is not the only reason why it pays to have a good cover letter. In fact, cover letters play such a big role in the hiring process that if it is poorly written, it could ruin any chances of landing the job. In addition to this, having a well-written and concise cover letter can help to take away some of the stress related to job hunting. That being said, there are several basic guidelines that one should always follow when writing a resume cover letter. These guidelines include:
1.      Customize the cover letter to suit the exact job that is being applied for. Do not make a cover letter that is suited to every single job that will be applied for, make one specifically for each job that will get a cover letter. Explain exactly what it is that makes you the best person for the job and what skills you possesses that the company would most appreciate. Make the cover letter very specific to each job that is applied for, even if this means rewriting each cover letter from the beginning.

2.      Use language that is easily understandable. This means that it isn't necessary to dress the cover letter up anymore than a regular letter would be dressed up. Companies tend to appreciate things that are to-the-point and if they require a dictionary to get through a cover letter that attempts to outdo itself, they probably aren't going to be too interested in the applicant.

3.      Explain what it is that can be offered for the company. Make sure to clearly state how, exactly, hiring you would enrich the company. Explain why you would be the best fit for a certain position within the company. Be straight and to the point, don't overdo it, and don't ever make yourself look better than you are. In short: be concise.

4.      Show what was most interesting about the job that was advertised. Explain why it is that the job inspires enthusiasm and interest for doing it. What, exactly, is already known about it and what would need to be taught or improved upon. Don't make the entire cover letter about what needs work but be accepting of weaknesses and humble about strengths.

5.      Tell the employer what makes THEM special, what makes this company the one company that gets this cover letter and resume. What is it that makes them stand out against all others? If the resume is being submitted elsewhere, do not mention this at all. Make this company feel like they are the only ones that have your interest.


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