Cons of using a cover letter template

Despite the convenience many cover letter templates seem very prefabricated.  What does that mean?  That means that many employers recognize that you are only cutting and pasting information in to the templates.  To some this shows a lack of care and concern which may factor you out of a job.

Additionally cover letter templates can read somewhat generically.  Your resume cover letter is an opportunity to share with the employer a bit of your personality.  If you are using a cover letter template chances are that you are not having that opportunity.  For many employers this is a turn off that can work you out of a job.

You do have to be careful with cover letter templates because many of them contain grammar and/or spelling errors that could spell disaster when you are submitting them to employers.  It is often these small errors that land your documents in the "no" pile.  Many people trust that these templates are ready to go, but unfortunately many of them contain errors like these.

The job search takes work and it can be a difficult road.  That is part of the reason that many people choose to use cover letter templates.  The key is to decide if a cover letter template is right for you.  They do have pros and cons, but the truth is that it is largely a personal decision as to whether you want to use one or not.


Gail Esparan