Cover Letter Don'ts

Here are the Don'ts:

  • Don't Get Complicated. Your resume cover letter should be easy to read and to the point. It shouldn't be too lengthy at any cost. Pick out a couple of the qualities they are looking for and give them an example of how you have shown those qualities. Don't make a list of your skills or say things like 'I am a go-getter' or 'I work well in a team'. When they have to sift through tens or hundreds of resumes they will come across such statements time and time again. To stand out - give a good example that will stick in their mind and make you a good candidate for the next phase.


  • Don't Be Passive. Take things in to your own hands and show them just how keen you are for the job by putting a call of action at the end of your cover letter. By this we mean you telling them that you will be in touch rather than simply saying you looking forward to hearing from them. They will be impressed if you take initiative and tell them that you will call the following week - just make sure you do!


  • Don't Mass Mail. If you are applying for several jobs, the worst what you can do is send out a generalized cover letter to all of them. The reviewer will see the signs and think that you are not all that interested in their company. For each job position you are going for - be specific and remember to address the company as we mentioned previous. Researching the company will give you so many clues as to what they are really looking for and using this information will show your interest and the extra work you have put in to get your dream job.