Success Stories

Despite all of my misgivings and skepticism about finding a job on the "internet", I signed up with Employment 911 in July, 2001.
After LESS than one week of active searches, I was contacted by a representative from a MAJOR telephone company with an offer for employment at lots more money than I had been making previously.
I now have a stable CAREER; not just a JOB.
Employment 911 REALLY made my wishes a reality! The tools which are provided AT NO COST are so convenient and simple...AND IT DOES WORK!!
Thanks so much!!
I work with master's and doctoral students in their career development. I am compiling a list of online resources for them and came
across your page. Your information is excellent and I believe
that it will assist our students.
Virginia Beach, VA
I went to your website in early March of last year. Within 1 month, I was offered a job in the career field I trained for in the military. I left for Guam the first week of April 2001. Within 35 days after arriving, I was promoted to the QC/Safety Manager position. I plan on staying here in Guam as long as possible but, still go back to your website a couple of times a week, I've told everyone I know about your website. Keep up the great work and, thanks for having a great website. Hafa Adai (Good
Day)from beautiful Guam.

Thanks to Employment911. It gave us good cv's to satisfy my clients.


Dear Employment 911
The recession's been rough on creative professionals, and I've been looking for a job that uses my skills as a medical illustrator for over a year, while holding down a design job to stay alive.

Three weeks ago, I logged onto Employment911, and found a posting from a company in a neighboring state which specializes in the illustration of medical and scientific textbooks. I interviewed the next week, was hired the week after that, and will be starting the job of my dreams two weeks from today!

Thanks for creating a service that allows me to sift through so many possibilities at once! It worked for me.
I recived an e-mail in April and worked a good CE Job in Jackson WY. It payed $2100.00/ Mo. Living exp. And a good salery.

Then the same firm gave me several weeks work on a mechianical engineering project as chief inspector.
I am so happy to have used Employment 911
"I like the layout of the site. It makes searching very easy.
I also like the fact that I have a great looking resume online now thanks to you.
Great site"
Employment 911 is the best online job site I have ever visted. I love this site because it is very convient and is easy to access to search jobs.
"I really like the look and feel of, and it seems to be doing a great job finding heaps of jobs."
M.F. Oakland, CA - USA

"Using Employment 911 is a great deal for success, because it provides you with the most succeessful job."

M.S. Chandler, AZ