How to make a good first impression with your resume

Do you remember that commercial you saw on TV the other day? The one with the catchy jingle that stuck in your head? This is good advertising right there, and you can learn from it on how to write a resume that makes a good impression on recruiters.

Much like commercials, resumes need to grab the attention of the reader right from the beginning. When writers are preparing ads for magazines, TV, or the wavers, they focus on finding a 'hook' or a 'catch' that will get inside your head, and stay with you for a while.

Your resume writing should do the same thing. You should be able to prepare a resume that grabs the attention of the reader within the first couple of paragraphs, otherwise your resume will likely be discarded. Resume writing opens a huge door to creative freedom that most job seekers do not bother using when working on their resume. Even though you cannot be completely off-the-wall with your resume, unless you are in an entertainment-related or art-related field, you still can maintain your professional image while crafting a resume that is as catchy as this new commercial on the radio.

First, you need to gather all your data and make sure that you have a copy of the job posting. Second, you need to take the time to write a different resume for each position you apply for as nobody likes a generic resume. The copy of the job listing will help you with this. You can read over it for keywords or see where the recruiter places the emphasis on, so that you know what aspects of your skills and abilities to underline.

Your resume does not have to give your life story, it simply has to intrigue the hiring manager enough that you get called in for an interview. Now this does not mean to leave them hanging. On the contrary, make sure that you provide all of the requested information, as well as a full list of your career history and education, because if they invite you for an interview, they will want to hear it in details.

There is a fine line between providing a professional resume and creating a creative resume that will get you the job that you want. By keeping that professionalism in the back of your mind, you can take the creativity as much as you can, while still maintaining professionalism in your resume writing. Resume writing should not be difficult, and does not need to be boring. Although many people feel like they are simply showcasing their experience, you are really creating history in your resume.

This does not mean that you should lie. You should never lie on a resume; this might come back to haunt you. But you can be creative to catch the attention of the employer. For example, instead of saying Assistant Manager, you could write Assistant Manager of HR. This gives a much clearer idea of what you actually did at your job than the first example.

To summarize, resume writing can be fun; you need to exercise your creativity to make your resume stand out from other candidates. Do not think that good resume writing is rigid. While there are a few do's and don'ts, the way you grab the attention of the reader is up to you. As long as it gets you an interview, you know you did it right.


Gail Esparan