Cons of Being a Doctor

There are some cons that have always been a part of the medical field. For instance,  many doctors are required to be on call, either for patients having difficulties during closed hours for a doctor's office or for emergencies at a hospital. This can be a major inconvenience as you have to leave family functions on a regular basis. This can be a problem in marriages and with families for some doctors.

Yet, the biggest cons for being a doctor come with more modern changes in the profession. The biggest con is having to carry very expensive insurance in case someone decides to blame you for a death, problems in a surgery, or a variety of other reasons. Doctors are all too frequently spending more time in the court room for a lawsuit than they spend in the operating or check-up room.

This insurance can cut drastically into a doctor's pay and in some cases it can bring a doctor's salary down far below the national average for doctors. Besides the expense, the constant threat of a lawsuit is a major stressor for doctors today. They have to question every small decision they make because even a slight error in judgment or lapse of memory can lead to serious legal problems.

In Conclusion: There are still plenty of kids dreaming of becoming a doctor, but in due time they will come to realize that a lot of the prestige and respect that used to come with the profession has now been replaced with stress and criticism.


Gail Esparan