Advantages of Being a Doctor

For generations, children have been dreaming of becoming a doctor. They want the prestige and money that has traditionally been rewarded to doctors of all stripes, but today being a doctor is quite different than it was in history.

If you watch popular television shows like Grey's Anatomy you are led to believe that being a doctor is all about hooking up in elevators and getting hand-fed surgeries by hot McDreamy doctors. Unfortunately, most doctors resumes are far different from how it is portrayed on TV.

Being a Doctor - The Pros

The best doctors are those who thrive off of the personal fulfillment and sense of pride that comes from saving lives. Even family physicians and other doctors that aren't in hospitals performing surgeries all day take great pride in their work because they know that they are making others feel better. They enjoy helping others improve their lives, take care of serious medical issues, and overcome health problems.

The emotional and mental rewards are by far the biggest pro of being a doctor. If you don't have the passion for helping others, then chances are the work of becoming a doctor will be far too much for you to handle.

While doctors now pay out a lot more in insurance than they ever had to pay before, the higher pay scale in comparison to many other professions is still a pro for many people interested in being a doctor. Those who are motivated by money tend to strive for higher level positions within the medical field, such as surgery or radiology.

Those who are more motivated by helping others may also have lofty ambitions to be surgeons, but many are just as likely to go for positions in pediatrics or other positions where they may make a bit less but have more interaction with patients.


Gail Esparan