Advantages of Being a Doctor

For generations, children have been dreaming of becoming a doctor. They want the prestige and money that has traditionally been rewarded to doctors of all stripes, but today being a doctor is quite different than it was in history. If you watch popular television shows like Grey's Anatomy you are l... [More]

Medical Resume Writing Don'ts

- Don't make a generic cover letter that is going to be viewed by twenty different organizations. You need to show that you actually care about the job you are applying for. This means that you need to learn everything you possibly can about the company and demonstrate that you have this information... [More]

Medical Resumes Writing Do's

When it comes to writing a resume, everyone has trouble at some point in time. There are so many different things to consider. What should you put in section A or section D, what should you do to appear more professional? Believe it or not though, when it comes right down to it, medical resume writi... [More]

Cons of Working in a Hospital

Here are a few disadvantages of working in a hospital;   1.Health Hazards:  Hospitals can be dangerous due to staff infections and other threats. That being said, you may be putting your life and health in danger by being a healthcare worker in these conditions. You need to make sure you... [More]

Benefits Of Working In A Hospital

The medical field can provide great opportunities whether you choose to work as a home aide, a nurse in a hospital, a doctor in a private office, or any other medical personnel anywhere in the field. There are a few advantages to working in a hospital however, but there are also a few disadvantages ... [More]

A look at Medical Executive Jobs

You have most likely found yourself here because you are looking for ways to further your career in health care and increase your salary at the same time! You can advance your career without having to go back to college and getting a health care degree - you can stay working within healthcare, learn... [More]

How To Get a Pharmacy Technician Job

Jobs in the medical field are some of the most stable vocations, because people always have a need for health care. But getting a health-care related job does not necessarily mean you must be a doctor or nurse. A pharmacy technician job is one that pays well, and allows you the security of wo... [More]

How to Become a Physical Therapist

For those who have always wanted a rewarding career where you can not only make good money but also help people at the same time, a career as a physical therapist may be exactly what you need. It is important though to make sure that you are fully aware of what it takes to get into that career in or... [More]

How to Write a Doctor Resume

Each resume of a doctor is going to be different. They can be long, short, sparse, or thorough. But here are some common guidelines for when you are constructing a resume for a doctor:At the very top of your doctor's resume should be your current contact information: address, email address, phone nu... [More]

How to Become a Doctor

A doctor is a highly respected, well educated, and trained professional in the medical field. Doctors can pursue a wide variety of career paths in medicine and as such have a high earning capacity. Aside from the financial benefits, doctors also have the ability to care for sick or injured patients ... [More]