Medical Resumes Writing Do's

When it comes to writing a resume, everyone has trouble at some point in time. There are so many different things to consider. What should you put in section A or section D, what should you do to appear more professional? Believe it or not though, when it comes right down to it, medical resume writing is actually no different from any other form of resume writing. You just need to make sure you stay on track, and take to heart the following list of do's and don'ts. So take a look at this list, and remember it is just another resume for another job.


-List your experience and make sure you elaborate. Everything you know about the medical field should be listed. This will include your knowledge of different pieces of equipment, and even your ability to interact with others. The office you are applying at wants someone who is well rounded that can be an effective employee.

-Keep it short, keep it simple. Even though you will need to list all of your experience, you need to make sure that your resume is something the employer can scan quickly and easily. This isn't always a simple thing to do, but there are professional resume writing services both online and in real life that you can consult in the event you are unsure of anything.

-List your work experience for the past five years. Make sure you include both medical and non-medical places of employment. Showing that you can work outside of the medical field demonstrates that you are a well rounded person.


Gail Esparan