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Sr. Operations Manager Sr. Operations Manager - Minneapolis, MN 01/03/02
Operations Manager Operations Manager - Kansas City, KS 01/02/02
Civil Engineer Design Engineering Civil Engineer Design Engineering - Mason, OH 12/28/01
Civil Engineer Civil Engineer - Mason, OH 12/27/01
Engineering and Plant Manager Engineering and Plant Manager - Eagan, MN 12/21/01
Engineering Assistant Engineering Assistant - Madison, NJ 12/21/01
Mechanical Estimator Project Manager Mechanical Estimator Project Manager - Baton Rouge, LA 12/21/01
Project Analyst Project Analyst - Morristown, NJ 12/21/01
Engineering Pipeline Designers Civil Structural Engineering Pipeline Designers Civil Structural - Baton Rouge, LA 12/21/01
Project Engineer Project Engineer - Chicago, IL 12/21/01
Scientist/Optical Engineer Scientist/Optical Engineer - Newport News, VA 12/20/01
Engineering Electrical Engineering Electrical - Baton Rouge, LA 12/14/01
Maintenance Mechanic Maintenance Mechanic - Memphis, TN 12/14/01
Software Engineers Software Engineers - Fort Lee, NJ 12/14/01
Field Service Engineer Field Service Engineer - Dallas or Fort Worth, TX 12/13/01
General Manager General Manager - Milwaukee, WI 12/11/01
Research Engineer Research Engineer - Rochester, NY 12/11/01
Construction Manager Construction Manager - San Ramon, CA 12/10/01
Project Manager Estimator Project Manager Estimator - Maple Grove, MN 12/10/01
Quality Assurance Inspector Quality Assurance Inspector - Torrance, CA 12/07/01