Federal Resume Writing Don'ts

There are a few don'ts when it comes to writing your federal resume, too. Don't: ·    Fail to include SPECIFIC information as it pertains to the job you are applying for Again, it's possible to "fill in the gaps" if you don't have the necessary education for a partic... [More]

Federal Resume Writing Do's

Most of us have at least taken a stab at writing a regular resume, but writing a federal resume is a bit different. You can't simply follow the "rules" of writing a standard resume and expect that it will get you that federal job. In other words, you have to meet certain rules and criteria in your r... [More]

Federal Resume Writing How To

If you want to find a government job, you need a government resume. A federal resume is very different from traditional resumes, so you need to make sure you are with the guidelines and regulations involved as to what the information you need to provide. It will be in your best interest to hire a fe... [More]

Federal Resume Tips

Preparing a Federal government resume is much trickier than writing a private sector resume. While you might have been able to allude to experiences or qualifications on a private sector resume, you really have to be detailed for the Federal government. From qualifications to listing on keywords tha... [More]

An introduction to Federal resumes

A Federal government resume is like a regular resume, right? Wrong. Federal Government resumes are much more thorough and specific than traditional private sector resumes. There are many types of government resumes, documents and application forms, as well. They are:Types of Resumes: Used for most F... [More]