Executive Resume Writing Dos

When writing an Executive resume, you may be confused as to how to construct it. However, once you know the dos and don'ts of Executive resume writing, you'll soon get the hang of it. This will allow you to create resumes that turn employer's heads. Once you know these dos and don'ts, no longer will your resume blend in with all the other applicants. Your resume will stand out and that will likely send it to the top of the bin instead of at the bottom in the ‘slush' pile.

When it comes to the dos of writing an effective Executive resume, you'll want to have a target company and position in mind. Creating a generic resume only leads the employer to assume that you've sent the same one to a bunch of other companies. You could be blanketing the town with your resumes, which isn't what a company is necessarily looking for. Other dos include personal branding. This is when you're basically marketing yourself to a target audience as you highlight your strengths, personality and applicable job experience. This sets you apart from the competition and it allows the company to see you as a person instead of just a name on a piece of paper. Finally, create success stories so that you can illustrate how you've helped your previous companies improve.


Gail Esparan