Executive Careers: Make Sure Your Resume Is All Meat And No Fat

Executive careers are very rewarding and they usually compensate pretty well financially. The only problem is that in this tough economy many executive job seekers are finding themselves hitting a brick wall. Many of them do not know what type of resume to put in, nor do they know how long the resume should be. It is important to learn this though, as your ability to craft a good resume that is able to convey your skills to the employer in a clear and concise manner is very important.


You need not be intimidated by many other things you may believe about putting in resumes. Most employers do not like to go through really long resumes, but it's going to be on a case-by-case basis. If you're wondering what I mean by this, consider the employer who is trying to fill executive jobs. They're going to want somebody who possesses a long list of valuable skills and character traits, along with experience. If they are able to see in your resume that you posses some of these qualities along with experience then they may not mind your executive resume being longer than usual.


If you make it your aim to try and fill up your resume with too much fluff there is a good chance it will not get read. Employers who are looking to fill executive jobs wants resumes only to include valuable information about them, to put it simply they are looking for all meat and no fat. So when you're crafting your executive resume make sure you only include important pieces of information you feel will add value to you and make you look good in the eyes of the potential employer. You want to leave out all things that are simply fluff, this would include anything that isn't directly related to your skills or your experience.


But I would say it is true that longer resumes do a better job of describing a person's experience and credentials in an effective manner. A longer resume is able to go into far more detail than simply listing bullet points. But you want to still structure your executive resume in a way where everything will be laid out very concisely. You will get the chance to go more into detail about your specific skills, seeing as how many executive careers require them. Simply make it your goal to write the most effective descriptions you can, and at the same time keep everything to the point. You will find when you do this your resume will not be that long to begin with.


Gail Esparan