Engineering Resume Writing Do's

Once you have the experience and the education, you're going to have to find a job in engineering. For many people this will be an impassible hurdle, and the first step is creating a good engineering resume. You may find that good engineering resume writing is exactly like any other resume. That being said, let's take a look at the things you should do for your engineering resume, and then we will take a look at the things you should absolutely avoid.

Things you Should Do

- Keep your resume brief. You have the skill, and your employer knows this. They just want to see what you can do, and whether or not you will be acceptable for the job. Many people tend to make the mistake of composing a ten mile long resume that the employer will simply discard. Along with wasting the employer's time, it demonstrates that the employee might spend more time trying to prove him or herself rather than getting work done on time.

- List as many skills as you possible can. You don't necessarily have to be well versed in something to list it as a skill. If you find that a job requires that particular skill, then make sure you brush up on it before the interview so that you can demonstrate your knowledge.

- Write a cover letter that tells the employer a bit about you, and one that demonstrates your knowledge of the company. In this cover letter you could discuss what you plan to bring to the company, how you plan to better it, and what you can bring to any current projects the company has going.


Gail Esparan