Pros of Being a Teacher

Teaching jobs are some of the most demanded jobs in the United States, and many people aspire to become teachers. Since everyone is required to go to school, kids are exposed to teachers throughout their entire childhood and teenage years. Being around teachers all of the time, many kids begin to respect and idolize them, making teaching their aspiration.

Obviously, not all teaching positions and teaching resumes are the same, but there are some general experiences that almost all teachers face throughout their careers, some of which experiences may be seen as pros and some as cons.

We'll start with the pros:

  • To start off, many teachers will advocate that teaching is a very fulfilling job to do. Being able to teach children and prepare them for their future success outweighs any cons for many teachers. With this job, you'll be able to say that you had a hand in the success of each person you teach.
  • Another plus is that being around kids can never get boring. Kids can be very entertaining, especially the younger ones. With all of the fun you will have teaching your students, the days and weeks might go by really fast.
  • One of the biggest pros is the vacation time. Just like the students, you get the summer of (most of it). There are some seminars and workshops you will have to attend throughout the summers and other breaks.
  • Other pros include being well respected by parents and the public, generally good benefits, and union support.