How To Write A Teacher Cover Letter

Looking for employment in these stressful times is challenging to say the least. The numbers of people trying to find work is at its' highest level. In this environment, hunting for the right job is not only discouraging, it is also a competition. The idea is to make your cover letter be so sensational, it can't help but be seen in a positive light. The cover letter will be the first thing prospective employers will see as they usually read it before having an in-depth look at your teacher resume. As a representation of who you are, the cover letter will be the one thing between you and the potential for an interview. That said, there are things that you can do to make sure you have presented the best characterization of who you are and how you could benefit the potential employer.

The basic thing an employer will be looking for is accuracy. As a teacher, accuracy in your grammar as well as your spelling are crucial. Just as important is the correct spelling of the school you are applying to and the name of the board member or person you are writing to. Presenting an understanding that you are knowledgeable about what type of school you are applying to and why you think it is a perfect fit for you, will show that you have put your best foot forward in your job search.

Content in the cover letter is a place that you can be "noticed in the crowd". Careful attention to sentence structure and creative wording will bring out your personality. Choice of paper and font could also help. Do not go overboard with this. Use of colored paper is a "no no" but an off white or eggshell might be an attention grabber. Choose a font that is somewhat different but very legible.
Even the best candidate for the position will fail in the final analysis if you forget to give them a way to contact you. An outstanding cover letter will have at least one and preferably two good phone numbers. In addition to this, a legitimate address is also a plus.

A final idea to set your cover letter apart. Contrary to what you may think, Internet templates should not be used. One would think these would be the the best place to ensure a perfect cover letter. Yet that is just the point. Most people in the same situation are using this method. In all probability, the superintendent or principal you are presenting your paperwork to, has a whole stack of resumes with cover letters that follow the Internet template to a tee. But that has been the point of this article. The cover letter that you present should have a little different type of form and substance. It should have all the important information that will point to the fact that you are the person for the job. On the other hand, it should standout just enough to be remembered as a cover letter of importance. After all, anyone can be just one of a kind.

Gail Esparan