Pros of using a cover letter template

Job seekers are always looking for the latest and greatest way to land that job.  Many job seekers have come to realize that their resume cover letter speaks volumes for them.  It is after all the first impression that you give of yourself to a prospective employer.  However, many peo... [More]

Cover Letter Don'ts

Here are the Don'ts: Don't Get Complicated. Your resume cover letter should be easy to read and to the point. It shouldn't be too lengthy at any cost. Pick out a couple of the qualities they are looking for and give them an example of how you have shown those qualities. Don't make a list of your ... [More]

Cover Letter Dos

  When writing your resume, the importance of the cover letter should never be overlooked - the first impressions will be made from how you design your cover letter and the wording you choose. It can be difficult to make a good start as there seems so many things for you to consider. The purpo... [More]

How to Write a Cover Letter For An Internship

In many fields, it is important to have some prior experience before companies will consider hiring you for your ideal job. Usually, this means spending time working as an intern in the field where you wish to work, in order to gain some experience. Most internships are unpaid or minimum wage,... [More]

Should salary information be included in a cover letter?

Despite popular belief, salary information  - whether it’s salary history or salary requirements – should NOT be included in your cover letter – or resume.Why? Simply because companies are asking this information to eliminate candidates from the interview process. Of course, y... [More]

Basic Cover Letter Writing Tips

It has been said that when searching for employment, a cover letter is more important than the resume. While such an assessment can be considered debatable, it is still definitely true that writing a high quality cover letter can greatly aid in being called in for an interview. That is why it is hel... [More]

How to write a Cover Letter

Your cover letter is your chance to make a good first impression with a potential employer and it is arguably more effective than your resume. Resumes are usually impersonal lists of experiences, education and achievements. Your cover letter allows you to tell an appealing story that provides a pers... [More]