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It'a about time a major job site has offered to:

"Help You Find & Hire Qualified Employees
100% Guaranteed!"

Our Personal 1-on-1 Approach To Helping You Fill Your Job Posting Guarantees Your Success in Internet Recruiting & Finding That Perfect Candidate.

This is not just a plain vanilla job posting service. Our unique package of Internet recruiting tools will find your next employee, or we'll post your job again for free. In fact, we'll continue to re-post your job over and over again until the qualified applicant you're looking for is finally hired.

Not one of the other major job sites makes a guarantee like this.

Find & hire highly qualified candidates... FAST
Eliminate wasted time on unqualified resumes
Reduce the cost of outrageous advertising expenses
Save time with our quick & easy solution
Target your job posting for highly specialized careers
Reach off-line with your job posting dirrectly to colleges,
universities & technical schools
Reach over 70% of the Internet on sites like AltaVista.com,
FlipDog.com & 7,000 more. All this for just
one low price!
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"In a Nutshell, Here's How Our Service Works:"
  1. You are assigned your own personal Internet Recruiting Specialist.
  2. They will help you post your job in a way designed to give you the most response from qualified applicants.
  3. Your Specialist will then search over 24 search engines, employment sites and other places where people post their resume.
  4. They will find approximately 500 to 2,000 job seekers who match your job requirements and then personally invite them to apply to your job opening.
  5. You hire the perfect applicant.

It's that simple.

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Not one of the other major job sites offers a 100% guarantee like this.

That's because we're not just a job posting service. When you order our services you'll be assigned your very own Internet Recruiting Specialist who will help you with each and every job you post with us. Your specialist will work with you 1-on-1 to find qualified applicants and get them to apply to your open job. They will personally search over 24 different sources for resumes on the internet for you and find top notch candidates. Then your specialist will email these applicants and invite them to apply for your job. This brings instant response to your open position.

And, our service not only comes with a 100% guarantee...

You'll also get:

Bonus #1
Free unlimited resume searching in our resume database
Bonus #2
Free featured employer banner ad run throughout our site
Bonus #3
Free ad-on posting to our premium network including sites like FlipDog.com, CitySearch.com, Fortune.com & over 100 more paid job sites. (this normally costs over $200)
Bonus #4
Free automatic resume search. It finds resume matches for you.
Bonus #5
Free web hiring manager to keep track of your hiring efforts.
Bonus #6
You will be assigned your very own Internet recruiting specialist who will actually search for candidates resumes all over the Web for you and invite hundreds of qualified applicants to apply to your jobs!
How Does This Work?
Three easy steps are all it takes to put the largest job posting network to work for you.

Step One - Sign up to become a free member
It's easy and it's free! It takes less than 2 minutes to sign up and get instant access to your free bonuses.

Step Two - Order our services & pay
This step is the easiest. Order online in about a minute.

Step Three - Post your job
You get plenty of space to type in all of your job description and qualifications. This helps to bring only highly qualified applicants. No more classified ads that you're forced to make short descriptions full of abbreviations! This step takes only 15 minutes.

That's it! Your job will automatically be posted for 30 days. Based upon your job requirements it will be targeted to the networks that will bring you highly qualified candidates.
What Will All This Cost?
Posting a job to just one of our competitors can cost a fortune. Posting your job by hand to each of the 7,000 sites in our network would cost you over $3,254 and take well over 500 hours.

As a time limited promotion I'm offering up to a 50% discount off the full price for job posting!

It costs much less than posting with any of our competitors and if you post a package of jobs - you'll save even more. Your order will includes all the bonuses listed above and your job will be targeted into the largest network of job posting sites for 30 days. You also get all of the great free benefits mentioned above.
You get all this value for less than
any other single major newspaper or job site!
100% Risk Free Guarantee
Don't take my word for it; find out for yourself how powerful a hiring tool our job posting network is. I'm so sure that we will help you find qualified applicants I'm willing to offer you a 100% guarantee to prove to you that it works.

If you don't find and hire an employee I will continue to run your ad for as long as it takes to find your new hire - with no limitations! Your ad continues to run until you hire someone.

Does your local newspaper offer a guarantee like this? What about any other job site? I have yet to find even one other company offering such a bold risk free guarantee.
Time Limited Offer
Reserve your job posting now to claim all of your free bonuses (they might not be here tomorrow). After paying you can return any time within one year to actually place the ad and start using your bonuses.
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Jake Fannin
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