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Never before has there been such an interest in working from home as there is now. On and off the Internet, you will many offers from companies to work from home.

Are There Real Jobs That You Can Do From Home?

Yes! There are legitimate companies all over the world willing to pay people to work from the confines of their own home or home office. Many people are hired to work from home, while others may make special arrangements with their employer.

Many companies that hire people to work directly from home also will require you to spend some time traveling on the road covering a territory and some time in a home office. These types of jobs may include insurance sales and consumer product merchandising. Other positions allow you to work exclusively at home. Customer service, telemarketing, collections, sales, writing, recruiting and graphic design a just a few the possibilities. These jobs are usually part-time, commission-based or pay per project. A few positions are even full-time and provide benefits such as health insurance, vacation time, retirement plans and others.

There are thousands of companies that take advantage of online recruiting of qualified employees. It is very efficient and relatively free. Although it can be difficult to find these jobs on your own, with reliable resources, working in the comfort of your home can be a dream come true for you.

How Can I Work From Home?

Home jobs are similar to those worked in an office setting. Work at home positions still require certain skills and experience to get the job done. For some of these jobs, you will need a computer, software, printer, Internet access, phone, fax and other office equipment.

There are many web sites that specialize in work at home jobs. Some sites offer a list of job openings that can be viewed by categories, such as accounting, administrative, business, clerical, engineering, finance, human resources, marketing, sales, web development and writing. Other work at home sites only provide a list of companies that hire employees to work from home. Quite a few of these Web sites also offer information and ideas on starting a home-based business.

Where Can I Find Legitimate Work at home Jobs?

According to Job Searching Online for Dummies by Pam Dixon, 17,000 new jobs are posted online each week. Employers are using the Internet conduct 48% of their hiring. Companies list their job openings or seek employees in a number of places online:

Corporate Web sites
General employment sites
Local employment sites that limit searches to a specific geographic location
Niche sites that specialize in a particular industry or type of employment
Newspaper classified ads that are made available online
Resume banks that allow job seekers to post their searchable resume online
Work at home directory listings and resource sites
Paid online survey sites listing companies seeking marketing research participants

Many work at home web sites and Internet job banks make outrageous earning potential claims or are simply scams. It can be difficult to distinguish the real jobs from the scams. So how can you determine whether or not a work at home offer is legitimate? Here are a few things to look out for in order to avoid getting scammed:

Poorly designed web sites with difficult navigation, confusing information and pages that do not work properly
Web sites that provide lists of companies that MAY be hiring
Outdated listings with non-working phone numbers, links and email addresses
Illegal chain letters that claim you will receive money by sending it to your friends and family
Paid advertisements that appear to be jobs postings
Work at home sites claiming to help you find jobs but only sell information on how you may be able to make money from home
Pyramid schemes that get people to join a business without selling a real product or service
Job openings that offer points or coupons to shop rather than paid compensation
Companies that require you to make a payment before starting work
Companies that pay you unfairly
No guarantee or refund policies or failure to respond to refund requests
No available customer service to assist you
A lack of SSL secure Web servers that use encryption technology to safeguard your personal information

Individuals should take a look and research all opportunities available in the work at home industry, as well as other job resources. However, with thousands of career sites on the Internet, it can be difficult to search through all of the available jobs online. Even harder to tell which jobs are scams and which are legitimate. Employment911 allows job seekers to search millions of available jobs in as little as only one search request. With the easy-to-use job search page, job seekers can get search results from Employment 911 job listings PLUS listings from over 300 major career sites. These listings contain all real, up-to-date and available job openings. All of your personal information is safe and secure. Employment911 is available to help you with your job seeking needs. Your total satisfaction is always guaranteed.

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  • Real Estate Investing - If you know what you are doing, it is possible to make big money in real estate investing, without putting in a lot of time working or even learning about the business of real estate investing.

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