Professional Resume Writing Services

resume serviceEach of these services is targeted toward a specific industry or type of resume. We also offer 100% guaranteed general resume writing as well.


   Federal Resume Writing
It would be a mistake to think that a normal resume can be used to apply to government jobs. Not only is a Federal resume graded with a point system but both its format and content must follow strict government guidelines. With years of experience, familiarity with the latest Federal guidelines and a Federal resume writing certification, our professional Federal resume writers will make the task easy for you and will customize your resume to the job announcement.

   KSA Writing
KSA's are narrative statements that must accompany Federal resumes when applying to Government jobs. Because KSA's are so specific, preparing them yourself will require several hours of work, with the risk of not delivering a satisfactory document being high. With years of experience and the right certification, our KSA writers can make this task easy.

   Federal Resume & KSA Writing
Our professional Federal resume writers can also prepare your resume and KSA's together so that both documents match each other, the job announcement and sound from the same voice.

   SES Resume Writing
We specialize in SES Resumes and supplemental documents, ECQ's and PTQ's, needed for scientific, technical, financial, healthcare, education and administrative leadership positions within the Federal Government.

   Resumix Resume Writing
This is the resume you will need if you are applying to the army, navy or certain government agencies such as the Department of Commerce.

   Military-to-Civilian Resume Writing
Have you recently ended your military career, possibly retiring, or thinking of a career change into the civilian work world? If so, then you need a civilian-based resume that effectively converts all your military experience and training from military terms and converts it into key civilian industry buzzwords and phrases! You need resume writing that will sell you to civilian hiring managers and business owners!


   Accounting Resume Writing
Accounting Resumes have unique formatting requirements and must serve a specific purpose. Our professional resume writers will prepare for you an accounting resume that will focus on your fiscal experience and expertise. They will also highlight your analysis and operations experience to present potential employers with an experienced and well-rounded candidate.

   Finance Resume Writing
Many financial professionals make the mistake of detailing their career far too extensively, resulting in long documents that potential employers have to go through to find what they're looking for. Our professional resume writers will focus on your transferable skills and abilities, will translate your areas of expertise into pro-active resume content and, ultimately, will ensure that your skill sets are aligned to meet current financial industry trends.


   Administrative Secretarial Clerical Resume Writing Service
Administrative and clerical professionals are often assigned numerous duties and responsibilities beyond their job titles. Our professional resume writers will make sure to highlight your hidden talents and areas of accomplishment, so that your resume exceeds employers' expectations.

   Customer Service Resume Writing
The most common mistake that customer service professionals make when writing their own resume is that they undermine their achievements, because they don't clearly see the impact of their work. Rather than just describing your duties, our professional resume writers will showcase your strengths and will write your resume from the employers' point of view.

   HR Resume Writing
As an HR Professional you know that you will be in heavy competition with many other HR candidates and applicants just as qualified as you for the positions you are interested in. You also know there will be many resumes submitted by people that have no reason to by applying. Of course that makes for way too many resumes to seriously study. Many of the qualified candidates will feel (wrongly), that they "know all there is to know about resume writing" and write their resume themselves. Then there are those that will contract a professional resume writer to write them a resume the sets them apart from the other candidates, a resume that has that true professional look and feel, the resume that says I am the person for the job.


   Engineering Resume Writing
It would be a mistake to think that a regular resume would do the trick to apply to engineering positions. An engineering resume should put an emphasis on skills, achievements and projects. With years of experience writing engineering resumes, our professional writers will customize your resume to your field. They will also blend the best of functional and chronological formats so that your talents, project management, areas of expertise and career milestones are all showcased strongly.

   IT Resume Writing
IT is a specialty; don't make the mistake of thinking that you can use a standard resume to apply for an IT job. No Way! Not only is the resume format different, but the way your resume will be processed differs from other industries as well. Your resume must conform to Industry standards and also to the current trends in effective resume writing.


   Executive Resume Writing
The content and format of executive resumes have changed considerably these last few years, reflecting the need for new executive skills and the evolution of executive careers. Your new resume will be written according to all the latest executive hiring and economic trends so that you will get an edge that will get you a foot in the door.

   Management Resume Writing
Whether you are a project manager, business manager, account manager, restaurant manager, seasoned manager, or just starting out as a new manager, you possess skills necessary to high-level, top-notch leaders. Many managers make the common mistake of using their resume as a complete history of the careers, your resume needs to attract interest and persuade a potential employer.

   MBA Resume Writing
An MBA is a degree that carries with it an expectation of professionalism and expertise. HR executives and Hiring managers expect that a candidate with an MBA degree will present himself with a high level of sophistication. An MBA resume cannot look like a typical run of the mill resume. It must stand out, it must demonstrate a high level of accomplishment and stature. You need professional resume writing that will present you with dignity and power.


   Health Care / Medical Resume Writing
The most common mistake that health professionals make when writing their resume is that they think the employer understands the diverse range of patients, disease processes, facility size and patient load simply by listing a job title. Our resume writers have written hundreds of resumes for professionals from every field of the healthcare industry and, regardless of your particular field, they will communicate the strengths that employers are looking for.

   Nursing Resume Writing
As a Nurse Your resume must highlight your track record in outstanding patient service. You must shoe your ability to implement a plan of care and evaluate patients' progress. You must also show that you can play an important role through collaboration with co-workers, physicians, and family members to ensure the proper care of patients. Your resume must be expertly written to convey your strengths and value.


   Hospitality Resume Writing
Whether you work in a hotel, a restaurant, a casino, a resort or a bar, your resume must emphasize elements that are specific to the Hospitality industry. Because this type of information isn't usually included in a generic resume, the format and content of your resume will need to be customized to your industry as well as your field. Our professional resume writers know what Hospitality recruiters are looking for and will make sure that all the important information is included in your resume.

   Cruise Ship Resume Writing
While cruise ship jobs are similar to hotel jobs, the big difference is that you might be confined to life on board for up to several months. Whether you're a waitress, a bar steward, a casino dealer or an engine staff, your resume must not only show that you are good fit for life on board but must also make you stand from the crowd. Our professional resume writers will tailor your resume to the job and cruise ship environment to make sure you stand out.


   Lawyer Resume Writing
Whether you are a Partner, an Associate, a Solo Practitioner, a Public Attorney or a Law Student, your profession comes with an enormous degree of responsibility as well as the ability to often deal with complex situations. Does your resume convey this?

   Legal Resume Writing
Are you looking to advance in your career as a Paralegal, Judge or Attorney? If so, your resume must propel you to the forefront in any competitive employment situation you find yourself in. Your resume must state sell your case in a compelling and motivating manner. This rings especially true when applying for partner or associate positions within larger firms or when you are pursuing advancement in a judicial career. Your entire presentation must be powerful, professional and effective.


   Marketing Resume Writing
Will your Resume meet the expectations of the HR executives or Hiring managers? Remember you are a Marketing Professional. The Marketing Resume that does the best marketing job is the one that will get the Interviews. It isn't personality, it isn't who you know (that does help though), and it is the marketing you do in your Resume Writing that gets you the interview.

   Sales Resume Writing
Let's face it, you are used to selling yourself 100 times a day. You are good at it or you wouldn't have chosen a career in sales. I have found that when it comes to resume writing most sales professionals almost see it as a waste of time, they just want to get the opportunity to speak with the hiring manager because they can close him! That's true but what's missing is how many good solid leads do you want to have? You want the best job you can possibly get right? That means you need lots of good solid leads. That is where effective Sales Resume Writing comes in, it get you the hot leads in quantity!


   College Student Resume Writing
Most students get horrible resume writing advice from their peers and "well meaning" friends and advisors. Resume writing isn't about you it is about the employer and his needs and wants. when you resume addresses these issues you will be getting job interviews and job offers while your friends are all getting rejection notices.

   Teacher Resume Writing
An effective teacher resume demonstrates a your ability to inspire students, help them learn the important things in life. This includes encouraging classroom participation as well as being able to contribute to curriculum needs and school policy. Are you a teacher who just shows up every day and goes through the motion or are you a teacher that gives students a learning experience that boosts their academic skills, knowledge and gives them the ability to learn anything they want? Your Resume Writing needs to reflect these strengths and qualities within your scope of experience.


   Entertainment Resume Writing
To break into the entertainment industry, you need a resume that is specifically formatted to your field. Our professional resume writers have experience preparing Entertainment resumes and will use the industry guidelines to tailor your resume to the type of job you're seeking.

   Industrial Resume Writing
We have found that the majority of people with Industrial careers do not mention their vital skills and abilities when involved in resume writing. Therefore they do not get the results they were hoping for in their job search. Our Certified Resume writers know how to help you put your best foot forward and get the job you are looking for.

   Mortgage Resume Writing
As a Mortgage professional we know you have many valuable skills and abilities. The important thing for you is to find the best company with the best pay and leads possible. That means you have to be able to have enough job "leads" yourself. Your resume has to be written as a marketing piece that gets real response and generates interviews for you. That is what we do. Mortgage resumes that get you the interviews you need to find the best job possible.

Engineering Resume Writing
Your new engineering resume will become an innovative combo resume, blending the best of functional and chronological so that your talents, project management, areas of expertise and career milestones are all showcased without burying your work history and company

Federal Government Resume Writing
What you get from our Professional Federal Resume Service is a top quality resume designed for any level of government job. In fact, your new government resume will work so well that it is 100% guaranteed to get you more job interviews.

Resume Writing Service
The entire purpose of a resume is to present a good first impression. If it doesn't achieve this goal then getting an interview will be almost impossible. Professional resume writers know how to write a resume and can present exactly what employers look for and will describe your accomplishments and skills in the most effective manner.