Next Top 5 Medical Schools

Following last week's post, here is the top 6 - 10:

6. Duke University is most renowned for its physical therapy medical program. Even then, it is ranked top among medical schools in the South with a small admissions list of 100 students per class despite more than 5000 applications.
7. Stanford University is an Ivy League university that runs a competitive medicine program. Only 465 students are enrolled in the school of medicine at present. In the 2008-2009 academic year, the institution accepted just 86 students out of over 6000 applicants. Stanford is a respected medical school with top-notch facilities as well as an elaborate research program.
8. University of Washington- The funding the university receives from the National Institutes of Health has seen it develop good learning facilities for medical students. It is the alma mater of many highly acclaimed primary care doctors in the US.
9 Yale is another Ivy League institution with a rich history of excellence. The medical school focuses on smaller classes with great emphasis on research.
10. Columbia University completes the top 10 list and is hailed for its outstanding research-centered medical school. Admission is limited to those with a 3.79 GPA. In 2009, its medical school admitted 303 students.

Before applying to any of these schools, remember that you will need to write an essay and submit a student resume.


Gail Esparan