Cons of Working in a Hospital

Here are a few disadvantages of working in a hospital;   1.Health Hazards:  Hospitals can be dangerous due to staff infections and other threats. That being said, you may be putting your life and health in danger by being a healthcare worker in these conditions. You need to make sure you... [More]

Benefits Of Working In A Hospital

The medical field can provide great opportunities whether you choose to work as a home aide, a nurse in a hospital, a doctor in a private office, or any other medical personnel anywhere in the field. There are a few advantages to working in a hospital however, but there are also a few disadvantages ... [More]

A look at Medical Executive Jobs

You have most likely found yourself here because you are looking for ways to further your career in health care and increase your salary at the same time! You can advance your career without having to go back to college and getting a health care degree - you can stay working within healthcare, learn... [More]

How to Become a Doctor

A doctor is a highly respected, well educated, and trained professional in the medical field. Doctors can pursue a wide variety of career paths in medicine and as such have a high earning capacity. Aside from the financial benefits, doctors also have the ability to care for sick or injured patients ... [More]

Medical Jobs in the Military

The time has come to get serious about what you really want for your life. Being a contributing member of the world helps secure your place in the big scheme of things. The military can be your answer to being able to see the world as you learn more about your profession than you ever thought possib... [More]

Getting a position in IT Healthcare

 The word 'IT Healthcare' is fairly new. What it means is that it's a part of the ever evolving healthcare industry that involves combining both healthcare and information technology. With these two dynamics that we are seeing these days, a powerful combination offers the occasion to make great... [More]

How to Find a Medical Job Internship

If you are working to get into the medical field, then chances are you are working very hard. If you want to get anywhere in your career however, you will most likely need to secure an internship. These are usually pretty easy to get in the medical field, but the trick is finding the right one. ... [More]

Getting a Medical Job with Uncle Sam

There is an important job shortage in the country today, even among those who have high end degrees. As you've probably realized, despite having the education, you might still end up getting a job at the local fast food joint. Sometimes it seems to be a matter of who you know rather than establishin... [More]

Healthcare Manager Job Search Tips

Jobs in health care are very important as there will always be people that need medical assistance.  If you are looking for a job as a Healthcare Manger, there are some things that you can do to find and get the job that you are looking for. The first piece of advice is to network.  Get ou... [More]

Different Types of Medical Jobs

In a era when the Baby Boomer generation is starting to retire, one of the hottest areas for employment growth is in the health care industry.  There are a vast quantity of choices available for the average person, both in professional areas like RN, MD, and in the skilled areas such as Home He... [More]