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  You are Guaranteed to Get More Interviews or you will get all your money back (other services only offer re-writes).
  You will be in direct contact with your own resume writer who will be specialized in your field.
  Our writers have years of experience and are certified
  Our Resume Writing service has a 93% success rate
  You will get a free customized cover letter, a free customized thank you letter and bonus guides that will help you find a job fast ...
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Today's job market requires that you have a flawless resume and cover letter.

Many Job seekers like you are finding that not having the experience employers are looking for is making it very hard to get an interview. It has also being reported that in many areas of the country experienced job seekers are having a tough time even getting interviews at all. They send out their resume and never get called for the interview. And I'm sure you know:

If you can't get the interview - You will never get the job.

Our new "Interview Breakthrough" resume package is specifically designed for you to break through today's competitive job market. Over 7,235 job seekers have already found that our service will help get the job regardless of any difficulties you are facing in your search for a job.

Our Resume Writing Experts Will Create
A Resume Package That Is Precisely Crafted
To Get Your Foot In The Door & Get You Hired.

Our Complete Solution Is Guaranteed To Give You:
A perfectly designed resume written by professionals
A resume formatted specifically for your type of job and industry
A resume written from the employers point of view
A smoothly written resume with all the buzz-words to make you stand out in the crowd
Get you more interviews & job offers - 100% guaranteed
Get all the details employers are looking for. This will make your resume much better & get your foot in the door
Most of all - Our resumes will get you hired at a job you like for the pay that you deserve.
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What's So Special About Our
Professional Resume Writing Packages?
Our writers can then present exactly what employers look for and will describe your accomplishments and skills in the most effective manner. Have you overlooked a duty you performed that is critical to getting a new job? It will be discovered and included in your new resume. Our writers can write your resume from the point of view of your next employer and effectively translate your work history into the perfect resume. They know the correct formatting, writing style and the right information that will land you an interview.

Our writers are also certified and industry specialists: They know the latest rules in every industry and will specifically write your resume for your industry and position - here are some of our most popular resume specialties: health care, engineering, IT, executive, administrative, customer service, hospitality, entertainment, legal, management, education, sales/marketing, industrial, HR, Federal and much more ...

Here are only a few of the great benefits of having our professional resume writers create your custom resume:
  • A perfectly written resume is guaranteed to get you interviews
  • Your resume will be edited and proof read by our professional resume writers
  • Your new resume will be emailed to you in as little as 6 hours
  • Your resume will be specially formatted to match your industry and your specific career
  • Your resume will be eye catching to guarantee you aren't passed over by employers
  • The presentation of your experience and skills will be matched exactly to what employers are looking for
  • Your resume will have all the required key words necessary so employers will find you in online resume searches
Resume Writing Reviews

Here are a few of the latest reviews we received (click here for more testimonials):

"Thank you to all for making it happen for me. After using your services, I have secured desirable employment. No small feat, considering I relocated, going in cold to a new job market! Thanks again!!"

"I just wanted to drop a note to your team saying. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU. With the resume that you guys created, I received soooo many more calls then I ever was receiving with my last crappy resume. I ended up taking a new job within 3 weeks of sending it out with a company that was willing to match my salary needs. Thank you and I will definitely recommend your service to others."

"I received a call for an interview within days of sending my resume. I was offered a job one week later to make over 40% more in salary than my old job. I accepted it right away and already started. I have referred about 10 people to your service."

"Thank you again for all your work. I could have worked on my resume for weeks and the end result wouldn't have been half as good! I am impressed with the end result and the high quality of customer service from beginning to end. I will definetely be recommending your company!"

"Having A Great Resume Is The Single Most
Important Part Of Your Job Search."
Having Employment911 write your resume is the easiest way to get the interviews you deserve and get hired at the perfect job that you're qualified for. Have us write your resume today. Because in today's job market, you need the added help that a perfect resume will give you.
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Even if you do not have an existing resume
Or your resume is out of date
- That's OK -
We'll create a brand new resume for you!
"How Much Does It Cost
Not To Use Our Service?"
Take a moment to think about this.

How much does it actually cost you to be out of work while looking for a job?

I'm sure you know that today's job market is in bad shape. Newspapers and television warn us daily about rising unemployment rates and a falling economy. In today's job market an employer will receive hundreds of resumes for every available job. It is vitally important that your resume stand out in the crowd.

This is exactly why you need to go the extra mile to get that call-back for an interview. If you don't, you simply will not easily get the job you want. It can take 4 to 6 weeks longer to find a job without a perfect resume.

How much money do you make in one week?
Now multiply that by 4 to 6 times. This is what it really will cost you not to use our service!

So how much does it cost you not to use our service? $1,000?, $3,000?, $5,000 or even more?
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Get a Free Cover Letter & Thank You Letter
The bottom line is that our solution will get you results. I am so sure you will be happy with our resume writing service that I want to give you an added incentive to give us a try.

Your package will also include the 3 following Bonuses:
Bonus #1: Free professionally written Cover Letter
Get a custom written Cover Letter written by a professional resume writer. This will carefully match your resume and will be specifically written for your type of career - other sites charge over $61 for this service!
Bonus #2: Free Custom Thank You Letter
It's important to follow up with employers after sending in your resume. Our certified resume writers will custom write a Thank You / Follow Up letter just for you. This will also carefully match your resume and will be specifically written for your type of career - other sites often charge over $61 for this service!
Bonus #3: Free Microsoft Word & online formatting
With over 50% of businesses using automatic resume scanning software. It's important to have a properly formatted resume. If your resume is not formatted just right, it will never even be seen by a live person! We will format your resume both in Microsoft Word for printing and in a special text only format for emailing and entering into web sites - other sites can charge over $42 for this service!
How Does This Work?
Three easy steps are all it takes to put our team of professional writers to work for you.

Step One - Order our services & pay
It's easy and it's fast! It takes less than 2 minutes to sign up and get instant access to your free bonuses.

Step Two - Send in your resume information & job history
You can email us your information or use our handy online resume wizard to send us your information.

Step Three - Approve your new resume
In as little as 6 hours our writers will finish your resume package and email it to you for approval. Our writers might contact you for additional information if they need it and will be happy to make any changes you might like.

That's it! Your new professionally written resume is finished. You're ready to begin using your resume and get hired fast!
What Will All This Cost?
Other resume writing sites can charge up to $400 for a professionally written resume! Add up the cover letter, thank you letter, electronic and printable formatting and other sites would charge you nearly $700! Our regular price for a professionally written resume is only a tiny fraction of that cost.

As a time limited promotion I'm offering huge discounts off the regular price for resume writing!

Now you can get a professionally written resume for as little as $114. Not a lot of money considering what our competitors charge. This price includes all the services listed above. Your resume will be perfectly written and 100% GUARANTEED.

You get all this value for less than
any of our major competitors!
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100% Risk Free Guarantee
Don't take my word for it; find out for yourself how powerful our professionally written resumes are. I'm so sure we will help you find your next job that I'm willing to offer you a 100% guarantee to prove to you that it works.

There's absolutely no way you can lose. I personally guarantee that within 6 weeks of using your new resume you will be getting job interviews. If not, I'll have your resume re-written for free!

I'll even take this guarantee one step further: If after 120 days of using your new resume you aren't satisfied that it is helping you in your job search - I'll refund 100% of your money! That's how confident I am that this great service will help you. Remember, you must buy now to get these great free bonuses valued at over $164 and the huge discounts off our regular price.

Does any other service offer a guarantee like this? Sure they say they will rewrite your resume for you, but do they offer a 100% money back guarantee? I have yet to find even one other company offering such a bold risk free money back guarantee.
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free bonusesFor a limited time, you can save 30% and get a Complete Resume Package for only $114, when you order online not a lot of money considering what our competitors charge for the same service. But Wait, that's not all: ORDER ONLINE & Get these Great Bonuses:

Job Search Success>> Bonus #4: We are giving away this week our exclusive Job Search Success guide (a $39 value) to customers who order online. Loaded with great information and tips from career professionals, this e-book will help you create and implement a winning 5-step job search plan.

Interview Secrets>> Bonus #5: We are also giving away this week our brand new Interview Secrets guide (a $39 value) to customers who order online. This e-book shows you how to answer important and tricky interview questions, including the much-dreaded salary question, and will help you ace job interviews.

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