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“I have three interviews set up next week”
"Thanks a million for doing what you do. One day after posting my information I was getting calls from recruiters and employers I never knew existed. I have three interviews set up next week."

Andrea G.
Project Coordinator
Atlanta, GA
“My telephone started to ring after I used your service”
"After six weeks of nothing, my telephone started to ring after I used your service."
Conrad R.
Software Engineer
Palo Alto, CA
“Ok, I must admit I was skeptical...”
"Ok, I must admit I was skeptical of your claims. I looked at your list of career sites and thought I would just start doing it all on my own. After spending 40 minutes posting my resume on two sites I was fed up and signed up."
Robert J.
Network Admin.
Miami, FL

“Now everyone can see my resume”
"This is cool. I spent 15 minutes completing the process now everyone can see my resume."

Paul C.
Marketing Manager
Dallas, TX
“Well Done”
"The process was simple, the price was fair and now I am seeing some action. Well done."
Richard M.
Warehouse Manager
Phoenix, AZ
“Feel free to use me as a reference. Nine days after using your service I was back in the saddle and had a better job then the last one.”
Oscar F
Chicago, IL
“Thank you”
"Now this is worthwhile. Twenty minutes and a few bucks allowed me to spend my time networking rather then doing data entry. Thank you."
Beverley M.
“Where were you last year when I was laid off?”
"I never realized that there were so many different places I could post my resume. Where were you last year when I was laid off?"
Chris N.
Electrical Engineer
Nashville, TN
“I don't often write, but just wanted to thank you for what you have done for my career and family.”
Mark P.
Portland, OR