Top 5 Medical Jobs

The medical profession is far more expansive than most people realize. Yes, many will point towards the traditional titles of doctor and nurse. Granted, these titles are the most well known but they are not the totality of jobs found in the medical profession. For those wondering what other position... [More]

Pros of Being a Pharmacy Technician

The Pharmacy technician is the person that you may see inside the pharmacy who is counting medications, mixing them, sorting and stacking medicines on the shelves, answering customer questions and taking orders over the phone from customers.A pharmacy technician is not at all a long process to achie... [More]

Different Types of Medical Jobs

In a era when the Baby Boomer generation is starting to retire, one of the hottest areas for employment growth is in the health care industry.  There are a vast quantity of choices available for the average person, both in professional areas like RN, MD, and in the skilled areas such as Home He... [More]