Using Job Vacancy Announcements To Help Give You An Advantage When Applying For Federal Jobs

You can use vacancy announcements for federal jobs to help give you a competitive advantage. A lot of people are unaware of this and they make the process far too difficult for themselves. If any of you have ever been in a position where you were looking for something there is a good chance you list... [More]

The Right Type Of Information On Your Federal Resume, Continued

Do you know that when there are pilots trying to get into their career field they are put through a test that shows how they will react under pressure? Some of them are able to pass such tests while others crack under pressure. Cracking under pressure is not acceptable and will make you appear too n... [More]

Putting The Right Type Of Information On Your Federal Resume Can Make You Appear More Capable

We all know that putting in a federal resume is very tough not to mention competitive. So we all will try to do things that will make us appear more capable. But many people do not know what type of information can be put on their federal resume that will show they are capable of doing the job, nor ... [More]

If You Are Serious About Federal Resume Writing Then You Must Not Do These Three Foolish Things

Due to the state of the economy, certain types of jobs are becoming more widely available and many people are looking into them. Federal jobs would be one of these areas that is growing and offering opportunities. But one must be able to write a federal resume that looks professional. If they are un... [More]