Foolish Things You Must Not Do If You Are Serious About Federal Resume Writing

Excluding negative statements Now here is something that a lot of people do when applying for federal jobs or trying to craft a federal resume. Even if they are unaware of it, they do it and employers are able to catch it. You must make sure to never include any kind of negative information on your... [More]

Writing A Federal Resume: Three Do's You Must Remember In The Competitive Market Of Federal Jobs

Writing a federal resume can be tough, and in the process of being tough a lot of people will make mistakes. These mistakes are going to make it very hard for you to land a federal job because they are extremely competitive and there is usually no room for mistakes. There are federal resume services... [More]

Federal Resumes: Including A Detailed Work History Is Not A Bad Thing As You Might Have Been Told

Competition is fierce when it comes to federal resumes, if you have ever been on the market for a federal job then you know the wait can be a long one. What do you believe this causes a lot of federal job applicants to do? It causes them to try and sum up all of their past job experience way to quic... [More]