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On the Job: Work at Home Processing Refunds

There are hundreds of spam emails that wind up in peoples’ email inbox everyday. One of those is rather popular, which offers the ability to work at home as a rebate processor making anywhere between $8 and $15 an hour. Although these emails are usually junk, you can find these types of LEGITIMATE positions, as long as you know where to look. Usually, if you’re going to work at home processing refunds, you’ll be designated as a CSR or customer service representative. However, this will depend on the specific job that you find.


To work at home processing refunds, you simply need to have customer service skills and the ability to handle monetary transactions, which almost anyone can do. However, since you’re working at home, you’ll also need another level of dedication and commitment to your work, allowing you to spend as much time as necessary working to get the job done. Too many people think that working at home is easy or can be done by anyone. It’s actually much harder than a traditional on-site job, and it can be hard some days to get yourself motivated to work.


Home based CSR positions are increasing in popularity. Really, all you need is a phone line dedicated to the job that can take inbound calls, and the skills to handle people. Many companies are turning to this remote type of customer service to save them money on the overhead of having an actual call center or employees in house. This is making it more popular than ever to work at home processing refunds. You simply need to know where to look for the position that you want, and go for it.


Check out Craigslist and CareerBuilder for CSR positions, as well as other assistant and related positions that will allow you to work at home processing refunds. You can find jobs that fit your needs, just make sure you avoid the scams and spam emails at any cost.

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Work At Home : On the Job: Work at Home Processing Refunds

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