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On the Job: Catalog Salesman Work at Home Jobs

There are a million different companies that have catalogs. They always need people to sell their products and distribute their publications. That’s where the need was created for catalog salesman work at home jobs. Whether it’s Avon, the Body Shop, LTD Commodities, or any other catalog company that is out there, you can find work with just about any of them. Some offer you a position as a sales representative, where you sell the products and make commission for what you sell. Others might offer you a chance to take inbound sales calls from your home, depending on what they need.


Catalog salesman work at home jobs are not for the shy and meek. You need to be outgoing and have customer service and sales skills before you’ll be able to succeed at a sales position like this. Working in sales can be a fun job, if you make a game out of it or if you’re not afraid of approaching people and trying to talk them into buying things. However, sometimes it’s a learned skill. I used to work in retail, and after a few years at my job they started asking us to “upsell” our customers, meaning to add on items to the transaction to get a higher UPT count (units per transaction) or more sales. At first it was hard, but after awhile, it became very easy to talk to people about the products that we were adding on.


Some people are born salespeople, while others are learned. I don’t think that either type is any less capable than the other; it’s merely a matter of how hard you work and hone your skills. The same goes for catalog salesman work at home jobs. You might be a born salesperson, but you’ll still need to learn to sell the particular product you are working with, and how to communicate with the customers on a level that makes them feel needed, accepted, and like their opinion and needs actually matter. No matter what, you can find a catalog sales position as long as you know where to look and you’ve got the skills.
Published Tuesday, December 16, 2008 6:26 AM by Writer


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