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Help Me Find an Easy Work at Home Job

Every day, so many people ask about my job. Once I explain that I'm a writer and I work from home doing blogs, articles, and website content, I get an immediate response that I HATE: "OH! You have an internet job? That must be easy, huh?"

NO. And NO.

I don't have an "internet job"... don't make me sound so simple minded. There is no such thing as an "Internet job". There are jobs outside the home, and jobs that you can do at home. I work at home. And that doesn't make my job easy. Just because I sit at home and use the internet for communication with the people I work with, doesn't mean I have an easy internet job. No such thing exists.

So if you want to find an easy work at home job, stop searching now. There is no such thing. Work is called work for a reason. It's not supposed to be easy. And working from home is at least twice as hard as working in a traditional job. Care to challenge that? I have backup:

  • Joe goes into the office at 9 AM. He works a little, until 10:30 when he takes a coffee break. Then he sits back down at his desk and piddles around until noon, when it's time for lunch. He takes his hour lunch break, comes back at 1:00 PM, and works some more. He takes another coffee break at 3:30, and then finishes up his work and is on his way home by ten after five. And he gets paid salary, so every minute of his day is paid, except for his hour lunch, regardless of whether he actually gets any work done or not. Of course, over time, Joe would get fired if he did nothing all the time, but you get my point.
  • My day: I get up at 7 AM. I make coffee, and sit down to peruse my email and get my assignments for the day. I then write my blogs here, for which I am paid. Then I start on my next project. Ten articles that have to be done by a certain time. At some point, I stop to eat lunch, but then it's right back to work. I move on to the next assignment, and will be lucky if I'm done by 5 or 6 PM. I get paid for each assignment that I turn in that day, but if I'm sick or don't actually finish any assignments, I get nothing.

I can't do nothing and still get my daily pay. Those who have succeeded in working from home envy those who still have a 9 to 5 where they can clock in and out by a schedule, regardless of what they do all day. So can I help you find an easy work at home job? No.

If you want to work from home, you have to be dedicated to the job. You also have to be self-motivated, because there will be no boss breathing down your neck, making sure you get your work done. And sitting around the house can get old really fast, and there are always a million other things to do. As I sit here at my desk, I turn toward the kitchen and see the dishes from dinner staring me down. I see the laundry piling up. But doing those things HAS to wait until I'm done working. Working from home takes focus; honestly, some days, I don't even have it. But I pay for it, because I get paid less (or nothing at all) if I don't get things done.

So if you want to work from home, that's great. I'm glad that someone else wants to join my quest for doing what they love. If you want to find an easy work at home job, don't bother. The job you have, regardless of what it is, will be far easier than any home based position, because on those days you just show up and aren't feeling productive, you'll still get paid. I won't.



Published Wednesday, October 29, 2008 4:39 AM by Writer


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