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The Work at Home Institute: Scam or Legit?

Everyone has seen the television commercials:

"I made $5,000 in my first month, and I'm looking forward to making almost triple that in the next four weeks! It's so easy, and I can work from home, whenever I want."

They always come with an internet address that is something rediculous like 29income.com or 15work.com. The Work at Home Institute always sells working from home, with little effort, and making thousands of dollars with a system that "virtually runs itself."

This company doesn't actually have a system. They don't sell an amazing product. They sell you their training package, and then provide you with the tools to sell it to others. Welcome to MLM business (multi-level marketing). It's a great way for companies to make money by selling training programs that aren't actually worth the hundreds of dollars you'll pay for them, and letting you sell them to other unsuspecting individuals.

The Work at Home Institute is only making millions because people are being duped into thinking they've found a way to financial freedom. In reality, all you've found is a way to make money by selling a training package to other people. Sure, you might not have to work as much, but it certainly doesn't sell itself. In previous years, this may have been a great way to make income, but recently, people have begun to wise up about these MLM opportunities and how much hassle they really are.

Work is supposed to be exactly that. Hence the reason it's called "working" and not "sitting around doing nothing for money". If it really were that easy, everyone would do it. The Work at Home Institute does deserve some credit though. They have convinced a lot of people to sign up for their company, and are making plenty of money off of these unsuspecting people. Real people who think they're going to own a business or sell a product and make a living are instead reduced to recruiting more people for the Work at Home Institute to make money off of.

Most of the work done by the Work at Home Institute actually consists of selling your information to outside MLM companies and business opportunities, which are all easily found without the use of the company.

To sum things up, here's the basic breakdown:

The Work at Home Institute is not a scam company. Sure their advertising is a little misleading, but who has ever used truth in advertising? They refer you to other business opportunities and MLM companies, which is where they make their money. Will you be the next millionaire? Probably not. Can you find legitimate business opportunities here? Maybe, but you can find them on your own, too.


Published Monday, September 29, 2008 7:05 AM by Writer


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