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Sell Insurance as a Home Based Business

Selling Insurance Can be a Good Home Based Business


In order to establish a good home based business based on selling insurance, you must of course be state certified to deal with insurance issues. Not just anybody is allowed to sell insurance. An insurance agent must be licensed by the state in most if not all locales within the United States. Tests for certification can be quite exacting and not everyone who takes them will pass. The good side is that if you fail once, you can try again after a specified period of time.


Most insurance agents these days prefer to work out of an office front in a strip mall or other retail space. While that has its benefits, there is something to be said for the well planned home based business. If you are going to operate a home based business selling insurance or anything else, make sure that you maintain a professional office space and that entry to said space is always presentable to clients.


The successful home based business selling insurance will likely find that the agent involved is one who is more than willing to make house calls or visit someone else’s place of business. Just stop and think for a minute. If you personally had to choose between going into some large impersonal office to deal with an insurance agent or go to a small professional office located in a home or for that matter have the agent come visit you at your own place, which would seem like the more customer friendly approach? I for one feel that someone who is willing to make an office or house call is likely to show more interest in my needs than someone I go to visit in an impersonal office.


In fact, personal experience has proven that to me. Agents, whether with car insurance, home owners insurance or even life insurance companies who have come to me have always seemed far more interested in my welfare than those who I have gone to see in their offices.


Published Thursday, August 03, 2006 8:57 AM by Writer
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