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Women, Make Money from Home Selling Cosmetics

Women, Make Money from Home Selling Cosmetics


Cosmetic companies such as Avon and Mary Kaye pose wonderful job opportunities for women to make money from home. It is a safe bet that between these two companies literally millions of women have been able to make money from home. These two cosmetic companies, along with other similar opportunities, provide among the best opportunities for women to make money form home with start up costs being minimal, name recognition is tremendous and there is also a very good chance of building long term friendships with the people you deal with. Not only that, they provide good products at reasonable prices. Stop and think about it, how many people have not at least heard of Avon.


I can look back at three distinct periods of my life and tie each of them in with an Avon representative. In my home town my friend’s mom was able to make money from home by selling Avon. She came to visit with my mother every three weeks or so. Mom almost always bought something and occasionally even I would buy something to give as a gift.


Later my wife was able to make money from home by working for Avon. It did not require her to give up much time with the children and in fact sometimes the kids would go with. A really nice thing about this was that it was not all that unusual for the established customers to call her to place their orders.


Later in life it was my wife being visited by yet another woman who worked as an Avon representative to make money from home. They became fast friends and we got to know each other very well. In each of the three cases the amount of money earned was not mind boggling; but, it did help to supplement incomes of moms trying to raise young families with a minimum of disruption to family life. So if you are looking to make millions, this is obviously not the way to go. If you are looking to provide a reasonable supplement to family income and make good friends along the way, then this might be for you.


Published Tuesday, August 01, 2006 12:13 AM by Writer
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