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2010 Top 10 Affiliates

I have started looking at our yearly affiliate reports and wanted to start the year by sharing a few things with you. While I won't give you the name of our 10 higher-earning affiliates for 2010, I can however tell you what type of sites they are, which should help you figure out what websites can earn big with our affiliate program.

- 3 of our top 10 affiliates are sites offering Federal employment resources

- 2 of our top 10 affiliates are sites focusing on resume writing 

- 1 of our top 10 affiliates offers military to civilian transition resources

- 1 of our top 10 affiliates is a job board

- 3 of our top 10 affiliates are niche employment sites specializing in one industry (nursing, engineering, finance).

And, in case you are wondering, most of our top 30 sites are similar to the ones listed below.

In terms of commissions, these sites are earning somewhere between a few hundred $ and $2,000 in affiliate commissions every month.

This should tell you a few things. First, that the most profitable sites are sites that are specialized on one field. Second, this should give you an idea about what fields are currently hot when it comes to resume writing sales. A couple other things that might surprise you is that, except for 1 affiliate, all the sites listed below have a quite modest traffic but because they are able to attract the visitors they are catering to, their sales conversion rates are pretty high. Also, most of these sites have a very basic design, which underlines that what matters is the information provided not the way it is presented; as a result, you don't need to spend big bucks in website design to be successful with our affiliate program.

Published Tuesday, January 04, 2011 1:19 PM by fred
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