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About your payee information

I wanted to clarify something: I've had a couple affiliates complaining that their check didn't feature the right payee information and I wanted to make sure you guys know that we use whatever you put in the "company name" field as your payee information. So if you want your checks to get made to your company, put your company name in the "company name" field. However, if you want your checks to get made to your name, put your name in the "company field".

And since we're on this subject, as a reminder, we need both your social security number and W9 if you're an US affiliate to be able to release your payments. However if you're not a US based affiliate, you don't need to fill out the social security field or send us a W9.

In case, you need to update your account information, log onto your affiliate account and click "update account".


Published Wednesday, July 23, 2008 10:50 AM by fred
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