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Why you need a website to promote an affiliate program

I was just reading some threads from Internet marketer newbies who spent a few thousands $ in Adwords to promote other affiliate programs and didn’t get any sale. They do not have any website, including instead their affiliate url in the ad and pointing straight to the program’s website.

Unless you’re an Adword specialist, you probably won’t make any sale if you don’t have a website, mostly because there is already lot of competition in Adwords for the same affiliate offers. In addition, if people don’t wan to buy right away, they will go back straight to the program’s site next time and you will loose the sale, unless cookies are set, as we do it here at Employment911.

Instead of wasting your money, start by differentiating yourself by building your own web site related to the affiliate program you want to promote. Write articles on the subject, include recommendations about the affiliate offer and set up a mailing list.

You are now ready to start promoting your website in Adwords. If people don’t buy right away, they can still come back to your site at a later time or sign up for your mailing list. In addition, if your site offers valid content, chances are that it will get spidered and listed by Google, thus providing you with a source of free traffic.

Published Tuesday, November 14, 2006 1:45 PM by fred
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